At TraValue we value our client relationship. Without our clients we would not be in business. There for we would like to keep our clients happy and if they are happy that keeps smile on our face too. Included here are few of our clients comments we have had pleasure of working with and those who’s trust we have gained in process.

   Thank you manishbhai for getting us USA   visa for tourism. We liked guidance and the follow up you gave us for interview. Your charges are too law in compare to your service. Your communication is excellent. Correct guidance and great quality of service.
A.     Lolage
2.      Thanks manishbhai for your passport assistance.   Transparency   and   clear communication in your service. Being in constant communication makes business easy with you. You have been always quick in answering our call, sms, emails.
B.     Gada
3.      I got my H-4 & my family’s B1-B2 USA visa through you and that is why I am here with my with my husband. My family also were able to  visit us  for holidays and to meet my family. You have given my life anew beginning. We liked your sincerity. Frequent visit to our home. You always answered our sms, email and calls in satisfactory level.
Deepa Mehta
4.      Heartiest congratulations to you & your company. Very prompt service. Personal touch. Proper attention in filling up forms & other documentation. good service but slightly high charges. Immediate reply to calls and emails. You are doing good job for those who do not know how to complete   all this formalities and no time for all this. once again all the best. We will contact you again.
Anil lawate.
5.      Manishbhai, Thank you for your assistance for passport. The importance you give to all details is very good. Method of explaining procedure is very good. Promptness in replying mail,sms and call is very good.
K. Shah
6.      Thank you Mr. Manish,  Appointing  you for our B1-B2 USA visa was very good experience. All of your service was excellent and punctual. It was good to get the work done through you. Thanks again.
K. Modi
7.      We are really pleased and completely satisfied with your visa services. The best thing about your service is accuracy and promptness.
N. Mehta
8.      Thank you Mr.Manish, I got my H-1 Visa. Very good Service. Your frequent visit and collecting information is very good. Answer to our sms. email and call were quick and nice. Very good service after sales. Great work  keep it up.
T. Gathani