Case Studies:

1. One lady had been to U.K. several times in last 15 years and and applied for visa in 2013 again. Her visa was refused but she was given "right to appeal".

After studying the application forms and having few meetings with the client and sponsor in U.K. we came to know that her application form was not filled in properly, documentation was not done properly and few important matters were not explained in the application properly.

We appealed to the high commission with proper documentation and explanation. She was granted visa later on.

2.Business man from Gujarat had applied for business visa to attend business meeting in U.K., his visa was refuse by high commission without "right to appeal".

After having few meetings, checking the form and documentations we came to know that there were several discrepancy it the form and the documents submitted. there was discrepancy in his income and expense figures too.

We applied to the high commission again along with proper documents and explanation about all discrepancies  He was issued visa later on.

3.Couple had applied for the tourist visa for U.K. and their visa was refused. We checked the application and came to know that even though they had sufficient funds, they were not able to prove that their intention was tourism. We advised them to apply after few months along with relevant information and documents.

4.Businessman had applied for several times in last 5 years for U.S.A. visa and every time his application was refused. His case was referred to me by our other client. We had several meetings with the clients about all the previous interviews, visa application forms and documents he had carried with him. After this we came on the conclusion that every time he had few problems in the interview and all the time the forms were not filled in properly.

We applied next time with proper form & other documentation along with preparation for the interview, His interview was taken for 15 minutes and checking the documents he was granted visa.

5.This case is about the parents who are not getting the visa even after more than 3 application the reason is the wrong consultation given by some one. At the time of interview consular officer came to know that the couple has given the wrong information about there income and there visa was refused, after that they have applied for more that 3 times but no success.

There for we always tell applicant not to give any false information or never submit the false/fake documents.